Why I Use Write.as

This is seems a bit meta, doesn't it?

The main reason I wrote this post is because 1) some people have asked my why I use Write.as, and 2) some of them question my choice.

So here's why I use Write.as

I've been blogging since around 2003 and have tried a bunch of platforms for publishing my work online. I've using Write.as for a couple of projects (including this one).

Recently, though, I was told (not advised, told) via email by a couple or three people that I should be using WordPress instead. Why? According to them, WordPress is better. Sadly, the tone of those emails suggested I either didn't know about WordPress or don't understand it

I've used WordPress extensively in the past. I like it. It's a good platform. It has a lot of features, including a pile of features which I never used.

Having more features doesn't necessarily make something better. I chose to use @write_as because I was curious about it, I like its minimalism, and it does what I need it to do.

That doesn't mean Write.as is for everyone or every online publishing project. It is the right choice for what I want to do. For me, Write.as is better.